Its performance review season again !

Managers have a tough time managing the expectations of the team members. Performance reviews are considered the equivalent of final exams of academic arena. But the fact is that it isn’t. The two worlds are different.

The following are the thoughts that I usually share with my team.

1. In a treadmill, one needs to run enough just to stay at the same place. Likewise, staying in a position comes with certain “Base level” expectations. These are not considered “achievements” per se but something fundamental.

2. In academics, a good performance at current levels ensures promotion to the next level, But in career, performing the next level tasks at the current level is a pre requisite for promotion.

3. There are 3 basic things that every employee brings to the table – Knowledge, Intelligence and Attitude. Knowledge comes from prior experience and hard work, Intelligence is inborn and Attitude is how one carries oneself.

4. Have bigger, far reaching and over-arching goals and do not subscribe to mediocrity. Be cautious while comparing yourself with others.

5. If one is into a rat race, even if one wins, he/she is still a rat ! – Have a bigger perspective about career and life.

Happy Performance Reviews !