I created my first email id sometime around 1996. It was a hotmail account. But not many of my friends had one. So I wasn’t using it much. I remember checking emails just once/twice a day similar to the way we check snail mails in our letterbox.

So much has changed since then. I moved on to Yahoo! email as my first mail id was spam infested. I do have gmail account as well and couple of other mail accounts created to absorb all the spam mails. But I seriously use Yahoo! email. It is used by my bank to send important information, all my friends and relatives use it to communicate with me and so it has very much become a part of my identity that i cannot so easily do away with.

When i heard that Yahoo! is up for grabs, I was immediately worried about my email account. After all it is free. If a company is knocking its door on bankruptcy, why would it really care to keep my data in tact ? What is the future of Y! mail? Perhaps I should move to gmail ? may be they provide some fancy tool to import all the old y! mails to gmail? But wait a minute … X years down the line, if google meets with the same fate, again what would happen ?

I am thinking it is time the Govenrment owns an email service or at least regulates it like how it regulates telecom etc. Email is of paramount importance and would be more so in the future. Like power utility, Social security, UIDs, email IDs should also be provided by the Government. It could also serve as standard identification like the Tax cards, Voter ID cards and the like.