My roommate during my bachelor days introduced me to Crossword puzzles. Everyday we used to grab a copy of The Hindu and try solving the crossword puzzles. Some days we ended up solving almost all and some days almost none.

Today afternoon, I had nothing much to do and as I was day dreaming, it occurred to me to collect all the crossword puzzles in The Hindu that came in the year 2010. I set myself upon this task and it took around 2 hrs to get the entire stuff ready. Of course, I did not download it one by one but some scripting (in bash and awk) accomplished this.

Without much ado, here is the collection as one single PDF.
The Hindu Crossword Collection 2010

As you know, on some days, The Hindu doesn’t get published. These are the days
15th Jan, 12th Sep, 17th Oct and 6th Nov 2010.
And I could not download the PDF (it is not available in their server at the time of posting this) for the following days.
18th Feb, 25th Feb, 2nd Mar, 6th May, 17th Sep, 28th Oct, 10th, 19th, 20th, 22nd and 23rd of Nov.
Should I find the missing ones, I will post an update.
So that makes it 365 – 15 =350 puzzles. Currently, the Sunday crosswords are interspersed. I will improve my script and segregate all Sunday Crosswords together. Till then kindly make do with this.

I am not aware of any Copyright and such issues. Please do not use it for commercial purposes. Enjoy crosswording and if possible, spread the joy !