Life, when viewed as just one birth, often does not answer many fundamental questions. Why is someone born to such parents ? in such country ? at such time ? and so on. Whereas, the concept of many lives and its interconnectedness does provide some convincing answers.

Vedic religions seem to suggest the notion of many births and goes on to state that the ultimate goal is to come out of this repeated cycles of birth and death. Ofcourse, there are subtle differences between religions and also within the same religions, different schools of philosophy seem to differ subtly regarding how and when the cycle end, though all of them endorse the concept of many births. ( Some non-Vedic religions do not mention anything about multiple lives etc.)

It is told that man undergoes something like millions of birth before attaining self realization. That this process cannot be speeded up or put on a “fast track”. This world provides the platform where in the soul is associated with its karma and based on karma, it undergoes various births of different nature.

The logically or scientifically inclined mind may perhaps rubbish whatever has been said above. Let us for a moment “believe” or take for granted that what has been said above is indeed true, how does it affect us ?

Firstly, it helps broaden our minds. We are no more restricted to this one life. There is continuity and everything is connected. This means that in the next life, the soul that You are now, will very much be there and perhaps little evolved. You might be born to a rich family this life but in the next you might be reeling under poverty. Never mind, you will not remember your past and also armed with an evolved soul, you are likely to do better.

Second, if You think you are quite unfortunate in this life, just take a step back. Perhaps you were something great in the past on will be in future. May be every soul is destined to go through few thousand “unfortunate” births and this is just one of them. This is the case even if, say, you have a very stupid mind. It is just this life. After all this world should have all kinds of people with different shapes and shades of mind !

Third, what is the point in regretting over petty issues ? Like not getting promoted or getting ahead in life ? After all, this life is a vehicle to carry out the Karma. So what matters perhaps is to “be there and just do it” without bothering too much about the results ( Courtesy Bhagawad Gita). It is about “living it out” as best as we can.

Lastly, God does not play dice right ? So the idea of many lives, an underlying theme, everything being connected … it sounds quite scientific as well !!!

So next time, you feel disappointed that things did not go your way … just remember that it doesn’t really matter much ! does it ?

Now, one might ask, what is that I should do day in and day out ? If whatever I do is not going to matter much whats the point ?
I think each one has to answer this to themselves. But if I am asked, I would say, getting to a higher level of consciousness is what living life is all about. And a life with its constrains, contradictions, surprises is a perfect testing ground to pit our wits and emerge as better humans with evolved souls.

Fine so far. Now let us “unbelieve” what has been said above. No many lives, no connectedness. It is this life and then mother nature takes over. Mmm …. nah … it doesn’t sound any convincing.