Since Childhood, we are all aware of this story. Hare runs faster … feels overconfident and so rests before the “Finish” line and Tortoise takes over. The moral being “Slow and steady wins the race”.

This story disturbs me a lot. From school days and now into the corporate world, every one is rushing. Immediate results are sought everywhere. Long term goals are sacrificed for short term goals in the name of being “dynamic”. Even the capable ones are known for their speed and efficiency. I can see people who are fast and have won the race and the kind who are slow but out of the race. Is it really true that “Slow and steady wins the race” ? I hardly see anyone who has been Slow, steady and in spite of that won the race.

Coming back to the story, does the Tortoise win because of its capability ? No ! The Tortoise wins because the Hare doesnt perform well. Under normal circumstances, it is the Hare that would win. So why praise the Tortoise ? Isnt this story for the “Hares” out there ? Isnt it supposed to mean “Even if you are fast it isnt enough. You have to be steady as well”.

I think thats what it is. The story is about why the Hare lost rather than how the Tortoise won.
And so the moral of that story should be “Fast and steady wins the race”.
By “Fast” I don’t mean the mad frenzy that people are into these days. Instead I mean as fast as one could practically be without being stressed or burned out. A sustainable speed and not being deliberately slow.