Its been quite a while since I have blogged. Not that I was too busy that I couldn’t spare a few words for my blog.
Far from it actually. I am being very conscious this year about writing stuff that is of significance to me, that impacted me to a certain extent. On that context, I did not publish quite a few of my drafts.

The last few months saw me playing a much different role. It had been turbulent times for an young organization.
With the recession lifting slowly and markets heating up, I had a tough time to arrest the inevitable slide.
People are leaving the organization and it is indeed challenging to talk to people who are around and convince them to stay back and stay motivated, ensure clients that all is well and certain delays are just minor hiccups on the way, To put an ever smiling face to those who look up to me and assure them the house is pretty much in order.

In short, I haven’t been doing anything technical at all in the past 2 or 3 months. And I am not complaining.
Past months have been about people. In office as well as at home. In the past I have consciously avoided lengthy corridor talks with colleagues. I had almost always had something on my mind, usually a technical issue, keeping me preoccupied. I have often been misunderstood for my callous response to some “can we have a chat now” kind of gestures of my colleagues. But all that changed. I consciously made time to talk to people. Even drag someone into a conversation. Talk all and sundry stuff. It helps.

Looking like the coming days are going to be tough as well. With newer initiatives in the organization coming up, it is going to be a stretch. I certainly miss all the technical readings I used to do, the arguments I used to have, the loneliness and the introversions that has become so much a part of me. But in the new role, there is indeed quite some fulfillment. Perhaps, I will take up something, like learning a new language, on the sidelines to keep my mind fresh and relaxed.

Sorry … this post has been too much about me (as though anyone cares). But I did want write about my transition.
I intend to make the future posts more focused even if they may not be technical in nature.