I tend to buy books after reading the reviews. Usually I visit Amazon to read the reviews. When I decide to buy the book, I either go to a bookstore or order it online. Unfortunately Amazon does not deliver to India. Fortunately, there is flipkart.com. I am very much satisfied with their service and would highly recommend this site for those looking to buy books ( and other stuff ) online.

As a web app, Flipkart does have provision to write reviews and stuff. But the user community hardly uses it. It would be really good if Flipkart can import the amazon reviews and show it. It would save me the trouble of having to visit two websites.

But till something like that comes up, I though it would be good to start with Amazon and if satisfied with the review, jump to flipkart and land on the page pertaining to that book. I wrote a small greasemonkey script for this.
You can find the link “Flipkart” right above the Image of the book (usually appears on the top left corner).
On clicking flipkart, it takes you to the search results of the title of the book. Usually, the book of interest is visibile in the top 5 search results.

Do try it out and provide any feedback.

Update : There was a bug in the script. While hovering the mouse over the Flipkart link, the search pop-up appeared.
This bug has been fixed. Thanks to V for pointing it out.