I have an enviable collection of e-books. Or at least I think so.

But I am notoriously poor at reading e-books. I usually prefer Adobe Reader and never managed more than two to five pages at a stretch. I almost gave up.

I use Adobe Reader 9 on Ubuntu 9.10. I was meddling with the Accessibility options.
I tried the colour contrasts as suggested by Adobe Reader. It was quite pleasant to the eyes and I made good progress. Now it has improved to around 50 pages at a stretch !

This is how it looks in full screen mode. Also, full screen mode is quite distraction free. It is quite easier to read in total darkness as well.

This trick doesn’t work if your pdf is all scanned images.

Full screen view with accessible colors

The options I use are the default ones. You might want to tweak it for better viewing.

Reader options for green on black

Reader Options

Happy Reading !