It is One year since I started this blog. It is time to look back and check what went well, what didn’t.

The purpose of this blog was to write about technical stuff as I encounter them in my day to day work. I wanted to write only about those things I have myself experienced first hand.

Including this post, there are 49 posts this year. 3 posts are in draft and may never make it. On an average, it is one post per week, and I think it is not bad.

What I am concerned about is my writing skills. I just don’t have the patience to write. My writing skills, in terms of style, fail me badly very often.

Perhaps, this year, I should reduce the frequency of posts and instead focus more on the quality and depth of the posts. The purpose would still remain the same. And there shall not exception to this.

Some stats on the readership

Total views : 2488
Total comments : 43
Subscribers via google reader : 6

Top 3 posts

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I should thank A and V who motivated me to start blogging. Looks like now, I need to motivate them to keep blogging 😉