My son can get quite cranky when it comes to having food. So we need to be adequately stocked with Animal stories or Mythological Stories or any random stories that he might ask for. Like for example, one day he demanded a “Train story”, and I had to cook up one !

To make my stories effective, I go to images.google.com and look for relevant pictures. If the story is about trains, I search for trains. At the rate of One-spoon-per-image, the rate of his food intake is quite fast!

But every time I click on a google image result, it loads a page with many images whereas I am interested only in the “See full size image” link. I need to click again to see the image (in full size).

This was an obvious itch. But quite an easy one to rid off. A simple greasemonkey script would do that. You can find my script here.

I am sure, many of the cool software might have born out of someone’s itch. Can anyone suggest to me a website that collects such “itches”. If there is none, then its a good one to start.

Update : Apr 29 2010
The script did not work for a while as Google images URL pattern changed. I have fixed the issue.
The latest script works fine.