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Its been quite a while since my last blog.
My laptop crashed. Perhaps RAM got corrupt. Yet to hear from Acer service.
But this isnt the reason for not writing for a while.

I am into quite a few things now and I dont know whether it is good or bad.
Here are a few
1. Co-design the common UI metamodel. From there on the rest the of Metamodel for the new full configurability approach.
2. Evaluation of XForms based on the UI metamodel.
3. Offline synchronization framework design (actually I dont do the design but take part in the discussions).
4. Building the team – Interviews, team meetings and plan for the future.
5. Complete planning and execution of the Offline flavour. I am yet to start planning though 🙂
6. Other Organizational Obligations.

Though I am enjoying it, I need to move bit more faster to stay on top of things. This is kind of pushing me to run faster. Its all a great experience. Lets see how the journey goes.