Looking back at the last 12 years in the industry, I always cherish those moments of intense learning. Some are more intense than the other. If I am asked to pick the “most” intense of them, then this is it.

I had a choice of getting promoted in the team where I spent 2 years OR I could move to another team without a promotion, but would get to learn something new. It was a tough decision and to my peers surprise, I chose the latter. It was almost 8 years back. I am very happy that I made that tough decision.

In the new team, I got to work with one of the best developer MS, in one of the most interesting projects. It was about generating C++ source code from UML model. The experience helped me lay a firm foundation on OO concepts, understand the power of meta-models and above all, intense satisfaction. We also filed a patent for this work.

It was long ago. The only proof that I had was a letter from my organization acknowledging the patent application. Over time the patent thing slipped off my mind.

Today, I came across the site freepatents. Curios, I checked if the patent I filed was there. Voila ! It is here. If you login (free), then you get to view the entire Patent application PDF as well. To add to my joy was the fact that three other patents have cited ours.

The site is quite useful. You could browse for ideas and implement them in your project. Having said that, IANAL.