It is 5 days into my new job. It is all different. Different people, different culture, different management styles, different problems to solve – in all a different environment.

The last 2 years, I had been working on a hosted solutions kind of environment. The rules are different there.
Now, it is an installed solutions kind of environment and the forces are quite different here.

So what does one do to begin with ?

Unlearn what one has learnt previously. Unlearning is a fascinating, challenging mental exercise.

When I asked some of my friends what they understand by unlearn, most of them tell me “ forget the old ways of doing things …”. This is not true. Each experience is valuable. Why forget them ? Shouldn’t it enrich us rather than deprive ? Unlearning is about being aware and thus changing the way we look at things. Thought processes that work previously, may no longer work. The awareness that the thought process is not suited in the new context IS unlearning in my opinion.

Once again, I would like to emphasis that Unlearning isn’t forgetting things. It is about adding newer items to the pile of stuff u’ve learnt already.

Lets keep (un)learning …