This is a post of different nature. Nothing technical and everything personal.

The last 30 days or so had been a very hectic phase of my life. What started as a simple hospitalization for a innocent looking back pain steroid injection ended up in a life or death coma during the sixth hospitalization.
The whole episode tested my patience, my affection to M, our family bonding and faith. In the end M triumphed.

Take One
Nov 8 – Nov 9 (Chennai Kaliappa Hospital) :
A steroid injection in the spinal cord to combat back pain (disc prolapse).
It was a painless process. No tension. All went well and came back home relieved.

Take Two
Nov 17 – Nov 21 (Chennai Kaliappa Hospital) :
M complained of very frequent urination (20 times in 5 hrs). Got admitted. Diagnosed of Urinary Infection.
Treatment started. M is diabetic and hypertensive as well. We couldnt strike the right vibes with the doc.
Treatment dint have any effect. M now complained of frequent vomitting with headache. Becomes very weak.
So decided to shift the hospital.

Take Three
Nov 21 – Nov 23 (Ranga Nursing Home) :
Docs here were kind folks. Gave the right treatment. M’s complaints subsided. Came home relived.
But the next day, the complaints resumed. M started vomitting again.

Take Four
Nov 26 – Nov 30 (Ranga Nursing Home):
A more intensive treatment started. A general physician, A neuro, An ENT, An eye specialist and a gyno ALL examined M and gave their share of medicines. Around 15 tabs in the night, apart from the drips and IV injections.
This is when Nisha strikes Chennai. Weather is at the unkindest. I have to take M for Brain CT scan and M could not even walk with support. With lot of difficulty we get the scan done. The scan results are negative. We heave a sigh.
All tests turn negative. So docs are puzzled. By now M vomits more and is put on IV fluids. no oral intake. Is discharged after the symptoms subside.

Take Five
Dec 2 – Dec 5 (Apollo Hospitals):
M vomits again. No respite. By now she is scared. She is mentally tired and weak. Starts losing hope.
Here they start nasal feeding. Docs find out that due to repeated vomitting vitals salts are lost.
This condition along with continued medication for diabetics lowers sugar levels. However, vomitting stops.
Is discharged again. Now docs advise M not to feel depressed about health and all vital parameters are OK.

Take Six
Dec 6 – Dec 9 (Apollo Hospitals):
M starts behaving abnormally. Does not talk properly. We are now scared. M complains of palpitation and a feeling of uneasiness that M cannot explain. This does not seem totally physiological. We rush to Apollo Emergency. Once again the docs say all params are normal and Refer to Neuro. It is already night and a sunday and NO experts are available. By now she loses memory fast. Cannot recognize me and slowly … slips into … a state of being unresponsive (like coma). Eyes open but cannot see. cannot hear. does not feel pain. Docs are now tensed as well. When she is moved from emergency to ward it is 3 am in the morning. I am drained. Tired physically and mentally. I am alone with her. Not many options I can think of. Thinking of the future scared me further. Tried to gain some sleep in vain. The next day the docs say that things arent looking good and need to move her to critical care unit(CCU).
CCU has this eerie atmosphere. It could make a healthy guy fall sick. Now, only one attendant is allowed and can visit the patient only twice a day. Things get worse now. We await the test reports. Docs say we need to be ready for “anything”.
The main tests of the brain show no problems. Docs are now a little relieved. They now say that she needs to regain consciousness on her own and it has to happen “just like that”. It could take anywhere between 2 days to 3 weeks.

Take Seven
Dec 9 – Dec 15 (St Isabel’s Hospitals) :
I am advised to take M to Isabel’s. This hospital is closer to my home. Mom finally regains consciousness. But talks to us only 2 days after gaining consciousness. She slowly limps back to normal. And on 15th She is back home.

The whole episode has made me mentally stronger, has reinforced my faith in people and god, has been a good chance to prove my maturity to myself and looking back I am happy the way I handled it all. Now all are happy that M is back in action.