I too jumped into the twitter bandwagon this weekend.

I am not sure if it would be useful for me. I can see its need for some people. But i am more or less sure I am not one among them.

But it was a breeze to get started. Simple registration and you are on. Then it was time to look for tools. Oh … there are a hell of a lot of them. I am keen, nowadays, to look for “mouseless” solutions. To my surprise I found this cute curl based script that allows me to twit from my command line. The sheer ease of being able to twit and the enforced brevity of the message encourages me to twit more.

After all these, one obviously looks for an RSS feed and then get the last 5 feeds on to the blog … and that explains the “My twits” widget on the right. Let see how it goes.

I am still sure, twitter is not for me. I use it because it is soooooooo easy to do so (and of course, free).

PS : To read my twits, you don’t have to click on the links. The tooltip shows the entire message. So simply mouseover !