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When I come across blog posts that merely link to something else and not much meat from the author, I used to feel that it is a blog post for the sake of it. Such blog posts serve as a ‘relay’ or ‘repeater’ for the original post.

However, relaying-blogposts do have some advantages like for example
1) If the original post is a very helpful one ( for eg., a technical tip) and not very popular, ‘relay’ing increases the reach.
2) search engines rate these original posts higher and so better chances of a good post reaching the needy through a search.

Now, why am I saying all this ? Only because I too want to relay a particular piece of information. In this case, It is not a blog post but a mailing list posting.

We use tomcat clustering (behind Apache) with MS SQL. There occurs strange problems at the strangest of times. No connections to the database becomes available thereby raising availability concerns. Search Engines did not prove to be very efficient. Searching for “tomcat MS SQL” does indeed give (too many) results, but it is the case of finding the needle in a haystack. Most of the results are the case where they are not able to connect to MS SQL even for the first time. But, my problem is that everything works fine for sometime and THEN one fine day it conks. And this “sometime” varies. The time between failure varies as much as 1 day to 3 months.

Finally, I could nail down a post that *exactly* described my problem and some good Samaritan has provided some suggestions too. Here it is !