Its official now.

On this day, 15th Of Aug 2008, India’s 61st Independence day, I launch this blog officially.

The primary focus of this blog would be web technologies. I wish to blog about those things that I have
done as part of my work. Then there would be, in lesser proportion, some posts about Project management and Technology business.

This blog has been around for two weeks and some of my friends & colleagues have given me
valuable feedback. They said,
1. The writing style is too narrative.
2. May be you could put some more meat into it.
3. Technical explanations are difficult to follow.
4. Make proper use of punctuations.
5. OK … keep writing, ( who knows ) you might improve.

It is true that I had written some of the posts in a hurry to seed the blog with enough stuff.
From now on, I would try to improve my writing. May be lesser posts but ( hopefully ) of good quality.

Feels Great to be Indian !