The ubiquitous MVC (Model-View-Controller). Though simple in its definition, quite a hard concept to grasp and harder still to implement. Many of the frameworks that claim to be MVC do compromise on MVC-ness somewhere or the other. Quite difficult this MVC business.

Getting a bit deeper into MVC, it somehow occurs to me that there are further layers within each of these. Consider a javascript part of a web application. There is javascript for UI rendering and then there is some javascript for validations (business logic). Here there is a View and a Controller within the View layer (Assuming that the entire response object sent to the browser is part of the view).

Let us consider the faceless components (usually libraries), MVC applies to them as well. Here the View part could be the APIs exposed (analogous to the GUI screens that allow human interaction).
Then perhaps, i am kind of forced to think that when each of these parts in split and zoomed further, there is an MVC sitting pretty again. Assuming this fractal nature were true, then no doubt that MVC is harder because fractals are complex indeed.

This blog post that I came across partly reinforced my belief.