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i am not a windows hater per se. but i  like the simplicity of *nix commandline and all the productivity features. I use ubuntu.

This time, i was faced with an issue of being unable to copy a DVD into my hard disk. after quite some googling on *nix forums, I was surprised to note that most of them had suggested windows alternatives that worked on wine. One netizen went on to suggest that wine not being windows is perfectly fine to use. I hate to take a purist stance on any matter. So it was strange yet nice to see the community embrace certain windows alternatives. ofcourse, I must say that there were posts that explained certain *nix alternatives as well.

In my case, I used DVDshrink. It works like charm on wine. It rips the DVD, you can choose what you want. like you can skip french audio and subtitles and so on. DVDShrink made my day !

you can get it here http://www.mrbass.org/dvdshrink/